Castermans Split Cane Rods


Life is short, fish bamboo

Dear visitor,


Welcome to my website that is dedicated to Split Cane Rod building using traditional methods and material. I have fished all my life with my earliest memories being spinning for trout with my father on a local reservoir at weekends and holidays. I used to see people fly fishing and always wanted to graduate up to the fly and so joined my local club Tight Lines where I soon learnt to fly fish the local rivers and tied my own flies. It was a very satisfying feeling catching fish on flies that you have tied yourself but I always felt that something was missing from my fishing. After much thought and investigation I decided to buy a Split Cane Rod from Dave Norling. I had finally found the missing element in my fishing. The transformation and joy that I found in my fishing using the excellent rod from Dave started my passion with bamboo and drove me on to investigate further and I enrolled in a course with Rolf Baginski where what I learnt transformed my passion into an obsession. An obsession that I am carrying forward by building my own rods striving to create the perfect rod!


I hope you find something of interest and some useful information on this site.